Eurovox 2020 Edinburgh, Scotland

Jul 23, 2018

EUROVOX 2020 will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on 24-26 July 2020. Theme of the conference is 'Let all the world in ev'ry corner sing'.


Venue of the conference is the Stewart Melville College in Edinburgh.
Presenters to include: Karen Brunnsen (NATS President), Martin Vacha (University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna), Prof. Norma Enns and Dr. Barbara Hoos de Jokisch (German Singing Teachers Association), Ineke Van Doorn (singer, educator, writer) Cecilia MacDowall (composer), Margaret Bennett (Scottish Folksong) and lots, lots more!


More info on the presenters you can find here.


More info on the congress will be published later.